A gallery of my artwork, either from freehand or as a vector of existing artwork.

I’ll post art that I commission here as well!

My Artwork

August, 2018: I made a vector for two of my Twitter mutuals, featuring Yuuko Aioi and Konata Izumi, from Nichijou and Lucky Star, respectively.
???, 2017: I made this vector for myself. I currently use it for the blog’s Twitter account, and as the site’s icon.
February, 2019. My first attempt at freehand drawing. It came out pretty decent, I guess.


April, 2019. Rin Hoshizora and You Watanabe having fun together. Drawn by @honeybvg on Twitter.
???, 2019. Yutaka Kobayakawa holding Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword. Forgot the origins of this one 🙁