Fitting an S-10 Camper Shell on Another Truck

I understand this isn’t exactly technology related, but I still have an interesting article for you. I was faced with a dilemma: I have to move out of my house by the end of the month, but I can also only make one trip. So I went out in search of a camper shell that would fit my short bed Ford Ranger. I searched for about two weeks until finding the perfect camper shell: top of the line, carpeted, screen windows, the works. The only problem? It was for a Chevy S-10. In this article, I make it work anyway.

The lines don’t exactly match up, but since this is a tall shell, it doesn’t really matter.

The first problem came when I put it on: The S-10 has a bed that gets narrower as you move further back. Edges needed to be trimmed.

I already worked on this side. Note the fiberglass powder everywhere.

Using a Dremel and about 6 or 7 different cutting wheels (they keep breaking!), I slowly manager to cut through the fiberglass and make the camper fit.

Working on the other side.

Once that was done, I attached the two rear clamps to the bed, as the front two required drilling. I’ll get to them eventually.

My other main issue was wiring. I didn’t get the harness that went to the camper, so I had to cut it off and wire it the hard way.

Wiring! Note the two negatives.

The wires went to the third brake light a d the interior done light. The two black wires were ground, so I just combined both and wired it to the rear light bar’s ground.

The wiring that goes to the camper, and a few other accessories

To get the third brake light working, I found the + wire it used, then tapped off of my brake pedal. Most Rangers don’t have a dedicated third brake light wire easily accessible, so I had to do it myself. If you’re doing the same thing, use the solid green wire.

It could be neater, but it works!

The dome light was much easier, just tap off a fused 12V source. I used a 10 amp fuse on my secondary fusebox and ran a wire to the back.

Please don’t use bare wire here. This is only temporary.

And there we have it, power!

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