Cutie of The Month: Rize Tedeza

For this month’s Cutie of The Month, we’ll be looking at the gun-slinging, coffee-delivering Gochi girl, Rize Tedeza! The Cuties of The Month posts are intentionally shorter than most of the other content on this blog, so let’s get right to it!

Some Tidbits About Rize

Rize hails from the anime Is the Order a Rabbit?, or GochiUsa, depending on where you look. She has long, darkish-purple hair and a face of many expressions. She is also the tallest out of the main characters, making her perfectly suited for “step-on-me-mommy” material.

Rize is a cool-headed individual thought of as the brains of the group. She has a level of maturity over the others, but can be blunt with words. She also owns a gun, which may or may not be real.

The Rize Gallery

I”ll probably add more as time goes on…

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