Project: Panda (The Black-and-White Custom GameCube)

My first real successful modification: A black JP Nintendo GameCube shell with white accents. The innards are from a DOL-101 GameCube.

There’s a few things I did to it besides a new coat of paint, which are:

  • Replacement exhaust fan, to improve airflow
  • New intake fan, to improve airflow even more
  • Replaced thermal pads with thermal paste and trimmed the heatsink
  • Cycling RGB power LED

There was originally a third fan where the DOL-001’s power regulation circuitry was, but was removed when the shell was replaced due to insufficient airflow.

I did eventually finish the project, with good results! I didn’t open it again because there wasn’t anything new to show off.

For being my first ever mod, I think I did well. In the future, I plan to add some LEDs to the controller ports, and perhaps replace the disc drive with an SD card reader. I might replace the motherboard with a DOL-001 for component as well.